Server Hardware

Server hardware is all in all a very useful tool whether it is a new one or a refurbished one to manage huge network connections. Server hardware has become a necessity to almost all types of organizations because of the features and the ability it provides to gain maximum connectivity.

Brand New Or Refurbished

Though there is always a discussion whether to use a brand new server or a refurbished one. As both would have the same basic functions but the cost measures are different. Ofcourse the price of a refurbished server would be lesser than that of a new one. But is it beneficial to choose a refurbished server?


Well many would not know but there is a big difference between a refurbished server and a brand new server. A refurbished server may sound to be economical but it can lag in certain grounds of providing some important functions.

Whereas a brand new server would never fail to malfunction because of the upgraded software used and the software not used before. Even if there is any malfunction in the case of a new server, than it can be cured by the service provider if it is in the warranty period.

Refurbished Server

Refurbished servers may not be good option because of the latencies it may occur. There might be some instances where the server gets down and takes a lot of time to recover. Refurbished servers may also come with mismatched configurations where the consumer might end up having ill uses of the server directly affecting their business.

When the servers are refurbished, they are made only by treating the problem and not paying attention to the other important details which can be a bigger problem in future. Most of the peoples also don’t select refurbished servers because of the stigma it sounds with. By stigma we mean the impression that makes people think that the refurbished servers are old and they will not work as a new one.


One more bigger disadvantage is the decreased life-span as it is used before. A decreased life-span lags with inappropriate functioning and latencies making it to be ineffective. Therefore, refurbs could be a beneficial option for those who are looking for server hardware on a short term basis and lower budgets. As a Brand new server would make you incur higher costs but at the same time it would provide better performance and would be probable for long term using.

New Server

Brand New server

If you employ a brand new server, you would get the best of all the equipments with effective performance. You also get advanced and upgraded software having better performance which can yield multiple benefits to your functionings and your business. A Brand new server comes with features which could increase your connectivity speed and also provide better functions in managing huge network connections


Though a refurbished server may provide an economical option with less environmental wastage, we would highly suggest you to buy refurbs from a well reputed server dealing company or else your investment might go in vein. Therefore it could be appropriate to choose those refurbs coming with warranty period.

Well after going through the above discussion, you might have concluded that even if a brand new server could cost slightly more but it could be a more beneficial option if it is for a long term basis. Refurbished server from a well known company could be opted but nothing can match the efficiency of a brand new server.

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