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CheckoutServer Price List In India
Asus server pricing list in india with server configuration for all types of business from small to enterprise level server requirement.

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✔️Fully Customized Storage Space
✔️Upto 512Gb RAM Servers

✔️ Express Delivery All Over India
✔️1 Years Warranty

✔️ Intel Xeon Scalable Processors
✔️Upto 24 Slots Servers

Starting From ₹ 2,20,000 +GST

Checkout Server Price List In India

Checkout Asus server pricing list in india with server configuration for all types of business from small to enterprise level server requirement. the basic rack server hardware cost for small business starts from ₹ 80,000. Depending on the configuration & requirement of the customer we provide the server price.

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Workstation Server

Server Price List For All Types Of IT infrastructure

2U Rack Servers Price List

Affordable Servers For All Business Type

1U Rack Servers Price List

Best option to choose as they provide a perfect balance between computing power, space utilization, ease of development , capacity scaling and power consumption.

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GPU Servers Price list

GPU server with optimized thermal design for extreme computing power.

Enterprise level Servers Price List

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Serverstack is known for their quality servers and effective services providing an optimum option for you to buy servers online at best price in India . We offer you the most reliable and convenient way to buy rack servers online At affordable price, making you completely hassle-free and concentrating on your main core of action. We are the official partners of ASUS and provide you the latest rack servers of ASUS at affordable costs.


If you didn’t find the server you are looking for in the Server price list & to Make your rack server buying experience more easier you can visit our customized requirement page and build your own rack server with customized storage , ram , processors , budget also you can mention your purpose of buying a rack server so that our server team will help you to choose the right server for your purpose.


Server price is the main factor for making a server buying decision. With our wide range of affordable rack servers , Storage servers pricing list we make sure our customers can afford the best storage solution for their company. Our server price list facilitates customers from all over India to buy the right server at an affordable price without overpaying for brand value.


Our prime focus is to concentrate on server quality should match the rack server performance hence we aim to deliver the best quality rack servers at cheapest price in India & they are brand new servers with warranty so getting into refurb servers doesn’t make sense if you’re getting a brand new server at the same affordable price from our server price list.


All the rack servers price list on this page are at the discounted price Serverstack is known as #1 server dealers in India . Inbuilt server price list helps our customers to check out different models prices with their specification & buy the right rack server within 4 easy steps.


Select the server model from the price list or customize your own rack server after customizing your server our server experts will contact you for discussing more on your requirement and help you further to get the best quality rack servers at best price in India


Our Rack servers support any kind of applications you operate and guarantee you quality service in cabling huge network connections. We here at Serverstack, have created multiple initiatives to make your buying of rack servers easier and valuable


The price list here is display the pricing of asus rack servers, storage servers, customized rack servers with the following configuration you can compare the server price with the different variants according to your budget.

Compare Server Prices In India

Do you want to know what exactly is the rack server price in India ?  What is the cost of setting up a server in india? How much does a server cost in India?   How much does a small server cost?  Here’s a complete Server price list present on serverstack with easy price comparison from low to high-end server sorting options, choose from a wide range of rack server models. This latest Asus server price list consists of all the Asus server models in India listed with hardware specifications with server price, Serverstack ensures that the small business , medium business & enterprise business can afford a rack server for their business to grow. Here you can find the best cost for a server in India for all types of business. Buy servers of different models with different storage options & many more scalable options with wide range of server prices

Compare Asus Server Price

Server price is the key factor for making a decision for buying a server. Serverstack helps you to choose the right server for your business that suits the pricing and makes sure that people won’t overpay for the sake of brand names that focus on high prices as compared to the performance, Serverstack aims to provide servers at cheaper prices considering the performance of the server. We update our server pricing list frequently to make sure that businesses can afford a server.

The pricing here considers asus servers that can be used to set up a home lab , or file storage server with specific server configurations & Hardware requirements. You can compare our server price in India with various plans and choose the best plan as per your budget or else you can talk with our server expert and customize your own server with all the options.

We Present a wide range of the latest brand new ASUS Server price list. With detailed pricing of all available server models from minimum 1,00,000 rupees only,

We have kept all the available servers price list on this page , with servers hardware specifications & pricing list, servers customization options , lowest prices and best deals on top quality high performance rack servers in india , Server price list helps our customers to check out different models according to their budget and requirement. Serverstack ensures you to get your server delivered at your doorstep in just 4 clicks

Complete servers price list:

All the tower & rack server model price list of Asus brand servers are listed for user convenience to select the best server based for your business requirements at a pocket friendly price and shipped at your organization at best price in India. A customer can easily compare the best server based on the business or ask our server expert to guide them to choose the perfect server at right price in India

Server Price Lists Update Frequently

Our server price list is updated every month with new server price details with technical configuration and new features of high performance brand new servers. Asus Servers updated price list helps customers to compare better options available in the market that are latest and provided with the right price. We Keep our server database updated with latest generation servers with affordable server prices.

Genuine and Lowest Server Price:

Serverstack offers only branded servers from Asus at lowest prices in Indian market we don’t sell refurbished server our servers prices are equivalent to refurbished servers because we aim to provide best performance server hardware at the same cost of refurbished servers. As we are official partners of Asus in India We only Sell Genuine Servers At Most competitive prices in India.

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Serverstack provides 24×7 Live support for your servers by our tech support team to resolve your queries or issues.

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