What is 2U Rack Server?

2U servers provide a little more room in a single chassis for additional versatility. As the size increases, you can often fit more components into a single chassis. The 2U twin-style server is one example of a deviation on these larger servers that will effectively give you multiple nodes inside the system. Allowing you to have multiple computers running simultaneously in a system is ideal in the HPC industry because it provides for more computing power with a smaller data center footprint.
  • 2U servers are the upgrades to 1U servers which is required when the user determines an increase in physical space required for carrying additional hardware components such as hard disks.
  • 2U servers provides productive processors and storage configurations comprising of capable hardware platforms effective for high performance computing applications.
2u Rack Server

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Features of 2U Server


Extreme performance, a new computing platform to give strong computing power, support for a new generation of Intel to robust, scalable CPUs, and maximum TDP 205W CPU support.

Flexible configuration

More than 30 application configurations are possible thanks to the fully modular design, memory, IO, and heterogeneous modules with on-demand.

Power management technology

Management tide can assist the user in accurately monitoring and controlling the system's power consumption in real time.

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