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Checkout Serverstack's Wide Range Of Servers For Small to medium Business At Cheap Price  With Fully Customizable Options For Memory , Storage , Processors & GPU, Best Small Business Server Dealers In India with Express Delivery of servers in Mumbai , Delhi , Bangalore , Chennai , Hyderabad And Many More Cities in India. Setup Your Own Server With All Customizable Options For Small to Medium Business At Most Affordable Prices In India. You can customize your own server in just 3 steps by filling the form or chat with us.

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Our Aspects

Market Price

Market Price

The Server Market Changes Very quickly and the Prices keeps on Varying with the market’s Demand and supply But we Provide you the Best storage server for Your Small Business at Best Market Price Using the Online Server May be the best option to rely on but Using the Storage server can Make your business More Better as it gives you More Authority over the Business Important Information We offer all the Servers that a Small and Medium size Business need to start their own venture.

Storage Server

Storage Server

Our Storage Servers are Easy to Setup & the Maintenance is Very economic. Our storage server Also comes with Best Support and Quick Replacement Policy. With Robust and Advanced Technology Our server can Work under Intense Load throughout the Day along with handling Large numbers of user.

Affordable Price

Affordable Price

We have picked the most affordable and best small business servers that will help you to setup your office. This servers are all-rounder for your organization at the current stage even if you want to upgrade your server you can upgrade your server parts with buying extra server parts. Serverstack offers on site replacement warranty for your server in case something goes wrong we can access your server using IKvm.

Features of Small Business Servers

Best Server Architecture

Our Small Business Storage Server are Customized in information-centric architecture. In information-centric architecture, storage devices exist completely independently of servers, and are managed centrally and shared between multiple compute systems. With redundant power supply to take care of your data.

File Transfer

Our Small to Medium Business storage server comes with numerous features to support file sharing and collaboration, enabling distributed co-workers and business partners to work together from one centralized access point. With multi core processor to transfer your storage data at ultra fast speed.


Our Small Business storage server security solutions help prevent unauthorized modification or disclosure of data stored across your enterprise, supporting your key data security and compliance initiatives. With multiple raid options to make your small to medium business data storage more secured.


Our Services Promote Non-Disturbanance To The Functionings Of Your Servers While Changing Or Adding Any Component To Your Server.


We Ensure Replacement Services To Your Damaged Products Under Warranty Period To Keep Your Sever Preserved.


Automation for Small Business Storage Servers manages security vulnerabilities and provisions, configures, patches, and secures physical, virtually.


Our Servers Provide You The Ability Of Adding More Drives Providing Additional Storage Space Along With Fault Tolerance.


We Provide You Best-In-Class Servers At An Efficient Cost With Multiple Benefits.

Reliable File Storage.

Our Small Business Storage Servers Comes with Highly Reliable File storage with Redundant Power Supply To Keep Your Data in Storage Server Sage & Secured.


We Provide You Servers Containing Two Or More Power Supply Units Powering Whole Functions Of Your Server Effectively.


Our Experienced Technical Support Team Are Available 24/7 Whenever Any Glitches Arise.

Why To Buy Storage Server for Small Business

  1. You get Mass Storage Capacity 
  2. With Quad Lan Support you get high Networking Bandwidth 
  3. You get Complete Remote Server Management 
  4. It Effectively manage the storage demands of growing amount of Data

Why choose us?

High Storage Solutions

Our Small business server enables the users to customize the storage according to their purpose and needs,for multitasking as well as for storage purpose.

Fully customized

Our small business servers are fully customization you can customize everything in your server. Choose upto 512gb of RAM & 288tb of storage with number of processors options at best price in India.

Asus Hardware

Our server hardware is made up of 100% Asus components which gives an advantage in terms of any warranty issues. Redundant power supply to protect your data this will safeguard your critical data.

24x7 Support

We provide 24x7 technical support to our customers .if the issue is more critical we dispatch any technical person to your location for technical support.

Enterprise Storage servers

We provide enterprise storage servers such for a better storage facility. Secure your Data with our brand new high performance fully customized storage server for all your enterprise needs.

Express Delivery

Serverstack's believes in providing the best buying experience to our client family. Our servers till the most remote areas in India within 36hours with our expert delivery partners ensuring your storage servers stays safe.

Buying Servers Online Gives You Ample Number of Benefits



Buying a storage server online gives unlimited benefits as it saves time and cost too. It makes the businesses to take wiser decisions and end up with quality product and services. Servers and their specifications are well known online and you also get to see the reviews posted on the seller’s website.

Customer Requirement

Customer Requirement

We here at ServerStack promote online sales of Servers as we believe in customer satisfaction and we realize that  purchase of servers could do a lot good to the customer’s requirements, valuable needs, and quality needs. ServerStack has proven to be a #1 Server Dealers in India and have made lots happier by selling servers online. We not only provide our beneficial online services, but we also give you added features like a 24/7 support, festive offers, free shipping, etc.



Many Small businessmen and Large organizations have chosen this Serverstack to buy servers online and have found it effective. They have experienced efficiency and have recognized it to be as their regular source. So, what are you waiting for, get your internet connection charged, click the Buy now option and get yourself a power-packed server at your doorsteps?

Most Asked Question

When does a business needs to buy a server ?

A server is used to store large amount of data files. It is made to handle large amount of data transfer over a network. When a company starts expanding the need for data storage increases. Since Data stored is confidential and important so they cannot compromise with any cloud storage solutions. Hence when a company starts growing they should buy a server for smooth functioning of their day to day task. our server can expand up-to 300tb storage & 512gb of ram to function smoothly in a multi tasking environment.

which is the most cost effective Server?

Asus RS500-E8-PS4 is the most cost effective server with High Efficiency, Future Proof Your Data Center. RS500-E8-PS4 is a 1U rack server that delivers extreme computing power, high memory and storage capacity, as well as highly-flexible expandability. Engineered with premium components throughout, RS500-E8-PS4 provides high dependability and exceptional efficiency levels, making it ideal for datacenter deployment, and both small and medium business can check the product here.

What are the benefits of buying a server for a small business ?

As a server will store all your Important data at one place. This will help to startups or small business to function their daily task smoothly without worrying about breach in their data. They can focus on expanding their business as much as they can because the server provides customization options to its owner to upgrade their storage server if they need to. Storage server is a one time investment for a small business. Buying a server for your organization is surely the best choice you will ever make.

What is the best server setup in a small 11 to 50 employee business

Server setup depends on the storage use & not on number of people working in a organization. You can buy a entry level Asus 2u server and later upgrade it according to your need. Our Server experts are ready to guide you to buy right server for your organization.

How to buy a server for small business ?

With Serverstack its just takes only 3 steps to buy a server online you just need to fill your requirements here or you can chat with our server experts they are always ready to guide you with the perfect server according to your needs and application. Our server experts can configure the best storage server with the most competitive prices in India.

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Checkout Serverstack's Wide Range Of Servers For Small Business At Cheap Price With Fully Customizable Options For Memory, Storage, Processors & GPU, Best Small Business Server Dealers In India with Express Delivery of servers in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad And Many More Cities in India. Build Your Own Server For Small Business At Affordable Price.