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Intel Rack servers are designed with essential security and are optimized to power your systems and address your challenging workloads both collectively and autonomously across your IT environment. our range of Intel rack servers offers the perfect combination of performance, reliability, and affordability Ideal for small and medium businesses this highly efficient technology-loaded server is worth the server at a lower price. Grab the opportunity today, to buy an intel server from Serverstack as we are offering additional discounts. Get discounts like nowhere else and also get installation support, a 3-year warranty, and quick delivery all over India

Features of Intel Server

Processor support

If you're in the market to buy a server, an essential aspect to focus on is the processor support of Intel servers. Contemporary Intel servers are designed to support either single or dual multicore CPUs, featuring robust processors like the Intel Xeon 6338n or Xeon 8352Y series. This specification is vital for businesses looking to buy a server capable of managing demanding tasks with optimal efficiency.

Memory support

Buy server's most critical internal feature to consider is the server's memory support. Particularly in virtual server environments, it's common for virtual machines to utilize their memory (or RAM) resources more quickly than their available processor cycles. Consequently, when deciding to buy a server, administrators of virtual servers often place a higher emphasis on memory capabilities than on processors.

Drive support

Buy a server is the drive support offered by Intel servers. Modern models are equipped to handle various small form factors, including both SATA and SAS disks, and often include an optical drive, like a low-profile CD-ROM or DVD-ROM, for software installation. This versatility in drive support is a significant factor for those planning to buy a server that meets diverse storage needs

Expansion slots

Moreover, Intel's storage server solutions feature constrained expansion potential through one or more dedicated slots. These slots, typically reachable via riser cards on the motherboard, provide flexibility for a range of upgrades, enhancing the server's storage and performance capabilities.

Hardware-based management features

These capabilities offer bare-metal monitoring in Intel servers, enabling error detection and reporting independent of the operating system or server condition. This feature is a key consideration for those looking to buy servers online, ensuring a reliable and robust performance when they buy a server.

Software-based management tools

Administrators can monitor and operate servers from practically anywhere using these tools. Each Intel server comes with its management tool.

Reliable File Storage

Our 100TB storage servers comes with highly reliable file storage with best security.

High Performance

Performance is a crucial part of the storage server. Our 100TB storage servers come with the best performance benchmark and faster processing.

Replacement Warranty

We pledge to offer top-tier replacement services for all Intel server products within their warranty period, guaranteeing extended durability and security for your servers. Additionally, clients investing in an Intel storage server boasting over 100TB of capacity have the advantage of opting for an extended warranty, enhancing the safety and resilience of their data.


Our storage security solutions help prevent unauthorized modification or disclosure of data stored across your enterprise, supporting your key data security and compliance initiatives. With multiple raid options to make your 100TB data storage more secure.

24x7 Live Chat Support

We aim to provide the best support & on-site warranty for Intel servers. You can connect with our hotline number for any technical issues regarding your server.

Express Delivery All Over India

We deliver the best quality intel rack servers in less than 48 hours all over India**.

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Why Intel Server is Better for Small Businesses?
Intel servers are an excellent choice for storage servers due to their high-performance capabilities, scalability, reliability, advanced security, energy efficiency, compatibility, superior data management, and strong support ecosystem. These features collectively ensure that data is stored efficiently, securely, and accessibly, making Intel servers a top choice for businesses prioritizing robust and reliable data storage solutions.

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