Planning To Buy A Server For Your Small Business

Planning To Buy A Server For Your Small Business

If you are a person who is running a small business then there are a lot of things that are important while setting up a business. Buying a server for your small business is also an important one. Planning to buy a server for your small business? Here’s a quick checklist. A server is used to manage multiple network services such as email, manage threat, connectivity of the internet, file and printer sharing, remote access, and data backup. Buying a server […]

Supermarket Server

Why Does A Supermarket Needs A High Storage Server?

When your supermarket is established & you start receiving a good amount of customers you need to keep your transaction data, inventory data secured somewhere. There are two ways you can do it either get a cloud server or go with a high storage server at your premises. This is kind of safe because you have the product on your premises as cloud servers have the risk of getting hacked or data leaks that can harm your supermarket […]

Server Hardware In Media

Benefits of choosing server hardware in the media industry

What is the use of the server in the Media Industry? When it comes to the industry of the media, there are a lot more things in the industry to make the industry work smoothly. The server in these industries helps in the processing of the memory resources from the different kinds of workloads they have. The media and the entertainment industry is one of the fastest industries that is evolving. They tend to choose the server […]

How Does CCTV Storage Server Work?

How Does CCTV Storage Server Work? 

A network video server has the purpose of converting the analog signal from CCTV cameras into a digital and IP based video stream that can be transmitted over an IP network. The most difficult workflow for any storage system can be video surveillance. When all the variables like several cameras, type of video format, frame rate, video compression, and retention days are taken into account. The amount of data can easily become very high. When […]

Cloud Vs physical Server

Why Should You Go With Server Hardware Instead Of Cloud

Any business or corporation needs a lot of data handling and storage where your documents can be saved and at the same time easily transmitted but in a secure manner. For this, you generally have two options which are the server hardware and the cloud. The major factors which help you to decide the option to go for are generally control, security, and cost. Advantages of buying Server hardware The in-house server is better than a cloud in many […]