How Does CCTV Storage Server Work? 

A network video server has the purpose of converting the analog signal from CCTV cameras into a digital and IP based video stream that can be transmitted over an IP network. The most difficult workflows for any storage system can be video surveillance. When all the variables like several cameras, type of video format, frame rate, video compression, and retention days are taken into account. The amount of data can easily become very high. When working under high workloads, a balance between storage capacity, density and costs are crucial. To balance the high storage capacity you need a storage server where your data is saved. Device performance depends on the number of drives and their performance of each drive.

What is CCTV?

CCTV is an abbreviation used for closed-circuit television, it is a TV system where signals are not publically distributed but are monitored for security and surveillance purposes.  The cameras are placed strategically and intentionally on places to record things and observation of the camera recording on monitors connected somewhere. Cameras are connected with the monitors across the wireless connection or the coaxial cable runs.

Earlier the CCTV  was working on a black and white and low resolution but in past decades the improvements in technology allow CCTV cameras to capture colored display in very high resolution. Now one can zoom in images and videos. And also they record sounds now.

CCTV Storage Server Hardware

Purpose of CCTV

CCTV is used for many several purposes including :

  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Property and building security.
  • Monitoring visitors.
  • Maintainingsecurity in highly crowded areas.
  • Security monitoring in the VIP areas.
  • Observing the behavior and conditions of critical patients in hospitals.
  • Observing the areas that can be dangerous to humans.
  • Observing the activities happening in offices, banks,mines, airports, malls and more.

What is a Server Hardware and how it works?

Choosing a good server hardware is not an easy task. One has many questions about technology, backup pricing and the most important issue the Storage. As there are many different types and brands of the cameras available in the market there are also many different kinds of storage available. One of the storage systems in the cloud.  A good backup is the backbone of any security system. With the creation of the cloud, things have become easy. Storage and back up have been very affordable and for anyone.

Server Hardware

Server Hardware is a technology used for saving the data over the internet so it can be easily accessible and securely stores and shared whenever needed. There are many different types of clouds but two main categories are Private and Public. By choosing a public cloud one can connect to many devices, like smart tv, NAS device, and media players, but choosing the private cloud gives one control over bandwidth and the physical location of the devices. The very basic step while setting up the backup system over the cloud is to check its hardware compatibility. Next one should figure out the plans and cost of the storage system.

Clouds can provide the best storage. With the time the need for security system and CCTV have been increasing. They are been used everywhere for security purposes and observing the activities happening around them. So getting a CCTV camera installed with good storage is key to the secured future.

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