How can Colocation services be the best option for your rack server?

How can Colocation services be the best option for your rack server?

Many high-end rack server users are of utmost concerned about their rack server’s maintenance and up-keep. Well surely, as the rack server is worth that importance for the multi-featured qualities it possesses and offers to run businesses. Rack servers are used by many businesses nowadays and have turned out to be very effective. But it’s management and maintenance also takes up a big place. Businesses may employ their own knowledge and space to accommodate their […]

What is The ideal cost of a Data storage server for small businesses in India

Data storage servers are those high-end storage servers which store all your valuable data with top notch security and networking ability to connect and transfer data at lightning fast speed amongst a network of computers with centralized storage so that all the employees can access files . Data storage servers are undoubtedly the primary requirement for almost all small businesses to safeguard their data. But with budget-constraints, small businesses have to look for a cost-effective […]

Planning To Buy A Server For Your Small Business

Planning To Buy A Server For Your Small Business

If you are a person who is running a small business then there are a lot of things that are important while setting up a business. Buying a server for your small business is also an important one. Planning to buy a server for your small business? Here’s a quick checklist. A server is used to manage multiple network services such as email, manage threat, connectivity of the internet, file and printer sharing, remote access and data backup. Buying a server […]

Inhouse Servers vs Cloud Computing

In-house Servers vs Cloud Computing

In today’s digital world, when all the data and applications are built on the cloud, the server system you are operating can be considered the lifeline of your business operation. However, it’s not always easy to compare your choices with security, control and cost all factor in this big decision. Here, we will discuss the factors that will help you to decide whether to go with the In-house Server or Cloud Computing. Cloud Servers A […]

Selecting the right rack server according to your business size

Selecting The Right Rack Server According To Your Business Size

What is the most intimidating task when it comes to starting out a business? It is the selection of the right server. Choosing the best server based on the size of your business can be a herculean task. Nowadays, we have plenty of options to choose from, still, rack servers are the most widely used servers in the industrial environment. What is a Rack Server They are specially designed servers that are to be installed in a framework, which is called a Rack Server. They are placed in mounting slots which are known as bays. Rack servers are capable of having a […]