Cloud Vs physical Server

Any business or corporation needs a lot of data handling and storage where your documents can be saved and at the same time easily transmitted but in a secure manner. For this, you generally have two options which are the server hardware and the cloud. The major factors which help you to decide the option to go for are generally control, security and the cost.

Advantages of buying server hardware

The in-house server is better than a cloud in many aspects like control, performance and compliance.

  • The in house server or the hardware server gives full control to the user. Sometimes the user knows how and when to use the server better. Full physical control of the user gives him the right to work and manage it according to his needs

  • The high-quality performance or in house servers is another key feature which makes it better than the cloud. The processing is done faster and efficiently. When you are loaded with a lot of work even then, the processing is quicker with no delays.

  • There are some laws for the regulation and compliance, these laws have effects on the cloud, hence cloud may not be able to store sensitive data related to government or financial purposes whereas there is no such issue in the server hardware system.

  • Getting a server hardware is a one time investment you don’t have to pay in intervals for your service more over you can customize your own server here according to your need.

Disadvantages of cloud

For you to understand why server hardware is better than cloud, you must know the advantages of server hardware as well as the disadvantages of the cloud. Cloud comes with a lot of lacks, some of them are

  • Working with cloud can be very long and time taking. The back up of the data can be easily made but while restoring the same, a lot of time is consumed, sometimes the system even hangs in between.

  • It is an internet-dependent service hence is limited by the speed of the internet. When you have a high-speed network it will work better, whereas in situations when you have a low-speed network, it will not work fast. Besides the large and big files which are to be transferred through cloud need a high-speed connection to work, a low speed won’t help in any way.

  • Here can be a sudden service outrage, when this happens, you can lose your unsaved data and you will not be able to develop a connection with the applications. However outrages do not happen too often but they do, it can cause disturbance to your system in many ways.

With progressing time and technology, people are getting more and more dependent on the internet, they tend to use more software and applications but not every use of the internet is better.

Server hardware might be old fashioned but they are still a lot of time more reliable and confidential than the cloud. You now know the benefits of server hardware and the disadvantages of cloud. If you’re confused while choosing what should you choose for your organization you can have a chat with our server expert or refer or blog to how to choose the server hardware.

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