Selecting the right rack server according to your business size

Selecting The Right Rack Server According To Your Business Size

What is the most intimidating task when it comes to starting out a business? It is the selection of the right server. Choosing the best server based on the size of your business can be a herculean task. Nowadays, we have plenty of options to choose from, still, rack servers are the most widely used servers in the industrial environment. What is a Rack Server? They are specially designed servers that are to be installed in a framework, […]

How high storage server would help your business grow 10x

Learn how high storage server would help your business grow 10x.

If you are starting or planning to start a business, sooner or later, you will need more space for data storage. You will get information in the form of e-mails, documents, presentations, graphics, databases, audio files, and spreadsheets which are the lifelines of most companies. The application which manages your system requires a high storage server.  Trends which are fueling our hunger for more storage • Government regulations say that the person should maintain and back up […]

Supermarket Server

Why Does A Supermarket Needs A High Storage Server?

When your supermarket is established & you start receiving a good amount of customers you need to keep your transaction data, inventory data secured somewhere. There are two ways you can do it either get a cloud server or go with a high storage server at your premises. This is kind of safe because you have the product on your premises as cloud servers have the risk of getting hacked or data leaks that can harm your supermarket […]