What is the difference between Server cabinet and a Network cabinet

Many people get curious about their server maintenance and carry certain operations to make it happen. But the main initiative starts with where these servers are housed. The Rack servers by its name are housed in a rack with a particular length, width and depth to fit in the server and enable it to function. These racks or the server cabinets keep and protect the server with proper care.

Server rack cabinets like a 42u size Server cabinet have the dimensions of 19 inches wide, 4 inches in width and 36 inches deep considering the industrial standards. These dimensions are adjustable according to the customer requirements of the servers and extra space to use. These cabinets are mostly used to install servers, UPS ES, monitors, or similar to equipment. The Server Racks have a perforated front and rear ensuring utmost ventilation for the equipment stored in the rack. A server cabinet offers a safer environment to your servers and manages the heat produced by these servers effectively.

Network Cabinet

When it comes to Network cabinet, people often consider it to be similar to the Server Cabinet, though there’s a difference between types of equipment housed. Network Cabinets usually store equipment like a networking router, patch panels, switches, and other networking accessories. A Network cabinet is shallower than a Server Cabinet with dimensions of 31 inches deep. Network Cabinets usually have a glass or a strong plastic front and also don’t have the perforated enclosures. The equipment stored in these cabinets does not have the same heat generation as those stored in Server Cabinets.


Going through the above discussion regarding Server Cabinets and Network Cabinets, though they have the same function of housing equipment differ in the types of equipment they house. We noticed that Server Cabinets are more spacious in dimensions, used to keep big equipment like server and monitors whereas Network Cabinets are shallower and carry networking equipment like router or patch panel.

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