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Serverstack- Rack Serve

Rack servers are the racks containing servers which are designed to be installed in the framework of rack. The rack contains multiple mounting slots known as bays with each slot designed to hold a server hardware screwed up. The servers are mounted in rack form,

i.e. one above the other and includes the configurations which simplifies cabling over network connections.

Therefore to build your own server, it is important to have a perfect knowledge prior about server’s configurations, service provider’s server’s performance, and your server requirements. For instance you should be certain before about which generation of server you require, number of HDD bays, selecting chassis , processor choice and the speed required in RAMs.

serverstack- Build Your Own Server

Building your own server provides a wide set of benefits as it gives you the option of customization and frame the server accordingly to your requirements. Serverstack provides you this facility at proper ease, enabling you to acquire your  own made server and letting you to have maximum satisfaction. All you need to do is provide certain informations regarding your needs and we’ll get your customized server ready.

You could build your own server directly by listing out your requirements on our website Build your own server page by

  • selecting the processor generation between E5 V1 V2(upto 24 cores) and E5 V3 V4(upto 44 cores).
  • you need to choose the number of HDD bays you want to have.
  • you have to select the type of chasis you require
  • you have to select the processor you want in your server.
  • you have to select the speed between 8GB RAM and 16GB RAM for your server.

Following the above points and filling up the details of your requirements in the respective sections would lead you to build your own-crafted server running with our efficient services added. So if you want your server to be like you want it to be, than you can refer Serverstack to make your own server effectively, fulfilling your requirements.

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