Serverstack – E8 Generation Servers
Serverstack has come across a journey of 10 successful years and with every year, has adapted to changes promoting advancements to newly established technologies of the server. We are back with a new generation server proving to be a technological geek of serversServerstack would like to introduce E8 Generation servers developed by ASUS and implemented by our services. This server is considered to be a power-packed set of features comprising of extraordinary computing speed with high-memory and storage capacity having highly-flexible expandability. It is engineered with some premium components increasing its dependability and efficiency

ASUS500-E8-RS4 Server Features

Serverstack gives you ASUS500-E8-RS4 server, highly specialized in new generation server functioning. It is considered to be highly prolific because of its following features:-
  • Provides 2+1 expansion slots with one as PCI-EGen3*16 slots and other as PCI-E Gen3*8 slot.
  • E8 generation servers have an internal layout integrated with rack-mount configurations having advanced air-ducting technologies which makes it to have effective cooling and lower power consumption.
  • E8 generation server’s internal layout consists of some real hand-chosen optimal components to provide ultimate efficiency.
  • These servers are capable of withstanding extreme temperatures up to 12000 hours of high ambient temperatures and act as capacitors.
  • E8 generation promotes a great amount of durability and stability during normal operational activities having 94% of power efficiency.
  • E8 generation servers comprise of a front-side VGA port to connect a display quickly and easily.
  • These servers allow fast identification, offering great freedom of having a choice among different operating system drives leading to increased efficiency.
  • ASUS servers require less management and easy diagnostic transactions as it has a Q-Code/port 80 LED display for simple monitoring of the entire boot process.


Serverstack is very happy to introduce its E8 generation servers developed by ASUS which is highly integrated and featured for efficient functioning. So get your deal done as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Serverstack features?

1. Redundant power supply
2. 24/7 Support
3. Hot-swap
4. Replacement Warranty
5. Expandable raid options
6. Affordable cost

What are the benefits of buying a server online?

1. Online Transactions
2. Availability
3. Efficiency
4. Convenient Source

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Serverstack – E8 Generation Servers
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Serverstack – E8 Generation Servers
Serverstack has come across a journey of 10 successful years and with every year, has adapted to changes promoting advancements to newly established technologies of the server. Serverstack is very happy to introduce its E8 generation servers developed by ASUS which is highly integrated and featured for efficient functioning. So get your deal done as soon as possible.
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