Can we use a rack server without rack in our premises?

We often receive queries and questions from our leads and customers whether it is necessary to buy a well-equipped rack to handle the rack servers. Well rack servers are the productive servers giving endless performance when it comes to cabling of huge network connections. The servers like rack servers, tower servers, and blade servers perform almost the same of the functions but differ in their size and structure.

Rack Servers

Rack servers are considered to have a more convenient structure that occupies lesser of the space because of its flat and thin structure, being more light than other types of servers. These rack servers are known by the servers which could be placed into a rack-mounted holder. It can be placed one upon the other without acquiring much of the physical space because of its flat structure. But is it necessary to have particularly a rack holding these servers? Can these servers function without a rack?

Rack Server Without Rack?

Well, the answer is YES as all the servers would require is its connections to the network where rack won’t do much of its work. You can use the server on your premises if you have a specified space to maintain them and can make them function effectively. It can be probable for you to use these rack servers at your office, home, or other places.

What Are Racks

Racks are basically used as a holder of these servers which can handle and protect these servers forming a cabinet. Therefore, using a rack for your server can be a beneficial option though as your server would be protected physically.

Hence if you are willing to use servers without racks, no problem, they’ll function effectively if
you give them the required network connections. It’s on your choice, if you want a cover to your
servers than you could buy the respective rack along with your server but it would incur some
ServerStack are known for their services and we offer you server with and without the rack,
however you wish to have your servers.

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