Do Rack servers actually need a rack mount?

Rack servers are specifically named based on their server’s structure and shape that could fit on rack-mounts. These servers are shaped dedicatedly to fit on those racks so that they can be placed effectively on racks. Rack servers are very effective for data centers to be mounted on racks as it acquires less space and at the same time accommodate many other rack servers one over the other.

Though some consumers who are willing to manage their rack server on their own could find it inefficient. To buy a whole expensive rack to accommodate one single server which ultimately takes a lot of space and is also a cost consuming alternative. Being the reason, why people generally ask whether the rack servers can be placed without a specific rack.

Rack Server

Yes, the rack server can be accommodated without a rack mount server!


Rack servers can be placed without a dedicated rack server though with proper management and maintenance only. To place your rack server without a rack you should take care of the following.


Your rack server should get probable ventilation to maintain its thermals. As the rack servers require continuous air, you should make sure that the rack server is placed at the optimum place to get cool air from the front and release hot air from the back.


Also, these rack servers might make a very loud sound from their running fans, so you should take care to keep it a bit farther from you.


Rack servers do emit a lot of electromagnetic radiation which creates harmful electronic interferences. So, you should probably avoid placing it at your home. Or else, place it in a dedicated room.


Rack servers should not be kept under any desk or a table as they could accumulate dust and eventually get damaged.


Upgrading parts of your rack servers might get a bit difficult as they use server hardware like RAM, CPU, HDD, etc.


You should accommodate a free space for at least a 19” wide server and twice its length.


There are chances that the power consumption would be a bit higher, so you should manage that accordingly.

Well, the primary purpose of a rack-mount is to manage server density. Data center usually has huge racks in order to manage their huge density of rack servers. These racks are effective when you have to stack one server over the other without actually putting the weight of each rack server on the one that is beneath as the rack servers generally have screw holes on their sides.



The clear answer is YES, you can place a rack server without a rack-mount though with certain conditions to be taken care which is mentioned above. You can also buy certain lack tables to keep your rack server and other components easily. And to buy the best and most affordable rack servers, you should go nowhere but Serverstack.

We here at Serverstack will advise you on everything related to your servers and their management without any extra costs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What goes on a server rack?

Server racks contain essential equipment such as servers, patch panels, routers, switches, and support materials such as rack rails.

Q2. What is the difference between rack server and blade server?

The key difference between a rack server and a blade server is that a rack server is a standalone server installed in the case, while a blade server would operate together in a single server chassis.

Q3. How many servers in a rack?

Ordinary servers are typically 3U high, which means that a rack may theoretically hold 14 servers. However, by reducing server height to 2U or 1U, a rack may hold 21 or 42 servers, increasing computing power by 50% to 100% in the same floor space.

Do Rack servers actually need a rack mount?
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Do Rack servers actually need a rack mount?
The clear answer is YES, you can place a rack server without a rack-mount though with certain conditions to be taken care which is mentioned in the blog. So, check out our blog to know more.
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