Why is Xeon processor better for servers?

Servers have been playing a key role now in today’s businesses. The servers have been the major component of any IT division of a business as it stores, processes, and connects data, applications, and programs of a particular business. Servers are basically those hard drives that store all of your data securely and also networks with different connections effectively.

Though there have been debates on whether a Xeon server is better than normal core processors of a server. Many have their own theories regarding Xeon servers that the xeons do not have integrated graphics. Well, it gives you a much better option where you can configure graphics of your own through the network itself. People don’t know actually how effective and efficient Xeon servers could be. We’ll break it down for you.

Xeon servers give you an enhanced performance where it is specifically designed to have a perfect server with efficient storage solutions that outclass normal core processors in terms of performance, resilience, and efficiency. It basically stands out because of the following 5 reasons.


1. Effective RAM

Xeon servers are known for their ECC RAMs which provide a brilliant memory to the processor. ECC abbreviates Error Correcting Code memory which by its name checks and rectifies all the errors in data, enhancing reliability and up-time.

2. Assistance of multiple CPUs

Instead of multiple core processors, multiple memory bandwidths, it is better to have multiple CPUs powering everything on their own. Multiple CPUs deployed by the Xeon server using on-chip logic. This creates brilliant communication between CPUs to facilitate workload communication and sharing of memory.

3. Additional cores

Along with multiple cores, Xeon servers are also fulfilled with multiple cores with a maximum of 48 cores. This makes Xeon servers a bit expensive though it facilitates threaded applications with huge lifts with the help of these extra cores.

4. Cache support

Cache in any server helps you to bring the frequently used data to be retrieved easily from the processor. This reduces the average time you as a user would take to access your memory and helps you to fetch information faster. Xeon servers come with L3 Cache which is reliant on delivering high processing speed and indispensable compliance with high performance applications.

5. Supports virtualization easily

With the need of every business now to go virtual and digital, Xeon servers come with a great hand in providing easy virtualizations. It can virtualize software and other OS resources in a single host managing multiple virtual environments. Xeon servers offer brilliant virtual support in a best secured way possible.



Xeon servers are indeed the new face of optimized servers today. It brings the most efficient and effective performance with the highest of resilience to the servers. It comes with high-end extra resources in the means of multiple CPUs and core processors giving additional power to your server. Xeon servers may sound a bit expensive but they are worth spending that much.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What is Xeon processor?

Intel Xeon processors are definitely high-performance processors. They are excellent for running intense programs and mission-critical jobs because of their high core count and unique features. Error-correcting code memory is perhaps the most significant of these features.

Q2. How are Xeon processors different?

Best Xeon processors provide a number of advantages that set them apart from other processors. The L3 cache will boost application performance and will support ECC RAM (Error Checking and Correction RAM). This would detect errors in advance, reducing the likelihood of the machines crashing. The Xeon processors are much more robust than the Intel processors because they have more cores, hyper threading capability, and many CPU options.

Q3. Who needs a Xeon processor?

A Xeon processor will ideal for Engineers, data scientists, and visual effect artists. Other professionals who work with advanced software will also benefit from this processor’s power and stability. A Xeon processor would ideally aid them in performing various experiments, running various programs, and rendering and simulations.

Why is Xeon processor better for servers?
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Why is Xeon processor better for servers?
Xeon server is better than normal core processors of a server. People don’t know actually how effective and efficient Xeon servers could be. So, check out our post to know more.
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