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In a time where digital transformation determines corporate success, choosing the best server for your firm in India is critical. Whether you buy a server online or in-store, it is critical to understand numerous elements such as server kinds, applications, and costs. 

Here’s a detailed guide to helping major enterprises in India select the finest server in 2024.

Understanding Different Types of Servers

Servers come in various forms, each serving different purposes. Key types include rack servers, tower servers, and blade servers. Rack servers are mounted in a frame or enclosure and are known for their scalability. They are best for businesses with significant and expanding data needs. 

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Tower servers, on the other hand, resemble traditional desktops and suit businesses with lesser space constraints. Blade servers are compact, require less power, and are used in data centers to save space and improve system performance.

Network Server Computers and Their Applications

Network servers play a critical role in managing network resources. They facilitate data communication, resource sharing, and network management. Especially for large businesses, choosing a robust network server computer that can handle extensive data and provide uninterrupted service is vital.

integrating web server applications

Additionally, integrating web server applications enables businesses to host websites internally or provide services over the Internet, enhancing their digital footprint.

Data Centre IT Infrastructure

A robust data center IT infrastructure is the backbone of any large business. It encompasses the physical and virtual resources necessary for maintaining and managing the data center environment. 

When choosing a server, ensure it complements your data center’s IT infrastructure, supporting optimal data storage, management, and security.

Security for Server Computers

Security is paramount for any server installation. Ensuring that your server has robust security features to protect against cyber threats is crucial. Security for server computers should include advanced encryption, intrusion detection systems, and regular security updates to safeguard sensitive business information.

Considering Servers and Workstations

Distinguishing between servers and workstations is important. While workstations are high-end computers designed for technical or scientific applications, servers are dedicated to managing, storing, and processing data. 

Depending on your business needs, you may require both or opt for servers that can handle larger workloads and provide more robust services.

Analyzing Physical Server Costs

When considering a physical server cost, it’s essential to factor in the initial purchase price, ongoing maintenance, and potential upgrades. Server prices in India can vary widely based on specifications and brands.

Whether you buy a server online or through a vendor, compare server costs in India to ensure you get the best value for your investment.

Server Setup and Infrastructure

Proper server setup is critical for optimal performance and reliability. It involves configuring the server hardware, installing the operating system, setting up network connections, and implementing security measures. 

For large businesses, considering on-premise servers or storage servers can be advantageous for handling extensive data locally, ensuring faster access and enhanced security.

Choosing the Right Server Companies and Models

Numerous server companies offer a range of products tailored to large businesses. Researching and selecting a reputable vendor that provides reliable support and warranty services is crucial. 

When evaluating servers for sale, consider the rack server price, storage server price, server CPU price, and server hard drive specifications to find the best fit for your business requirements.

3 Best ASUS Servers for Large Business At Affordable Price.

1. ASUS RS500-E9-RS4


The ASUS RS500-E9-RS4 Server is your powerhouse solution for business needs. This server price starts at ₹ 2,90,000+GST, with a solid 3-year warranty, ensuring your operations’ peace of mind and reliability.

Designed with dual processors, the ASUS RS500-E9-RS4 offers unmatched performance to handle your demanding workloads efficiently. Powered by the Intel Xeon 8272 CL processor, you can trust this server to deliver exceptional speed and responsiveness for your tasks.

Whether you’re running complex applications, managing data-intensive processes, or powering virtual environments, this server is equipped to meet your requirements with ease. Invest in the ASUS RS500-E9-RS4 for a dependable and robust solution to drive your business forward.

2. ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U


The ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U server is a powerful solution for your business needs. This server price starts at ₹2,30,000+GST, it offers excellent value for money, with a 3-year warranty.

This server is equipped with a single processor, specifically the AMD EPYC 7502P, renowned for its performance and reliability. Whether you’re handling complex computations or managing a large database, this processor ensures smooth operation and efficient processing power.

Designed with simplicity in mind, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U server is easy to set up and manage, making it ideal for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established enterprise, this server offers the reliability and performance you need to support your operations.

3. ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U


The ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U server! Packed with powerful features, and a start price of Just ₹4,70,000+GST, this server comes with a reliable 3-year warranty, ensuring peace of mind for your business. 

With a single processor, the AMD EPYC 7702, this server offers exceptional performance for your computing needs. Whether you’re running complex applications or handling heavy workloads, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U is designed to deliver reliable and efficient performance.

The AMD EPYC 7702 processor provides impressive speed and responsiveness, allowing you to multitask effortlessly and handle demanding tasks with ease. Plus, with its advanced technology, this server ensures smooth operation and minimal downtime, keeping your business running smoothly.

In addition to its powerful performance, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U server is built to last, with durable construction and dependable components. With its sleek design and efficient cooling system, this server is perfect for any business environment.

Upgrade your computing capabilities with the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U server and experience reliable performance, exceptional speed, and peace of mind with its 3-year warranty.


Selecting the right server for your large business in India in 2024 involves a thorough understanding of different types of servers, careful consideration of your business needs, and an evaluation of cost factors and vendor reliability. 

Whether you need a rack server for space efficiency, a dedicated storage server for your data-centric needs, or a robust network server computer, ensure your choice aligns with your business objectives and IT strategy. 

Remember, with companies like Serverstack providing a wide array of server solutions, you can find the perfect match for your business requirements, ensuring a robust, scalable, and secure IT infrastructure for your large business in India.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What are the different types of servers available for Large businesses?

There are several types of servers including:-

Rack server:- Rack servers are best for saving space, They fit the standardized frame enclosure.

Network Server Computer:- The network Server Computer manages the network resources, ensuring efficient data communication and sharing.

Storage Server:- Storage Server focuses on storing, managing, and backing up large volumes of data.

Web Server Applications:- Web Server Applications used Hosting and managing web applications, is crucial for online presence.

Physical vs virtual Server:- Physical servers are standalone hardware units, Whereas virtual servers share physical resources in a virtualized environment.

Q2. How can serverstack help in choose the right server for my Business?

Serverstack offers a wide range of server solution tailored to different business needs, providing detailed product specifications and expert guidance to help you choose the best server. Their post-purchase support and services ensure your server operates efficiently and reliably.

Q3. Which is the best server for large businesses?

If you’re looking for the best server for large businesses, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U is an excellent choice. Starting from just ₹2,30,000+GST, this server offers exceptional value for its features. With a single processor, the AMD EPYC 7502P, delivers powerful performance to handle the demands of large-scale operations.

Additionally, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U comes with a 3-year warranty, providing peace of mind and ensuring reliability for your business needs. When it comes to reliability, performance, and value, the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U stands out as the best choice for large businesses.

If you need a server that can handle heavy workloads and provide reliable performance, look no further than the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U. Serverstack provides server solutions tailored to your business needs, and the ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U is a top recommendation for large businesses seeking dependable performance and value.

Q4. How do I purchase a server in India?

You can buy servers online or through physical retailers. Compare prices, check reviews, and verify the vendor’s reputation. Online purchases might offer more variety and convenience, whereas buying in person allows for a direct evaluation.

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