How high storage server would help your business grow 10x

If you are starting or planning to start a business, sooner or later, you will need more space for data storage. You will get information in the form of e-mails, documents, presentations, graphics, databases, audio files, and spreadsheets which are the lifelines of most companies. The application which manages your system requires a high storage server

Trends which are fueling our hunger for more storage

  • Government regulations say that the person should maintain and back up of those data which they might have otherwise deleted.
  • Small businesses archive older messages dated back to five or more years for legal purposes.
  • Due to the increasing amount and technology of viruses, we need a more attentive backup which will take more storage.
  • Whenever there is a new software update, it is lengthier than the previous one and takes more storage.
  • The growing need for storing large media files like videos day by day and making them available for the users on a network is demanding more elegant or refined storage solutions.

How to know your storage needs?

Storing information 
and managing its storage is very hectic and critical for the company. More often, the best solution is a combination of different storage options.

Small businesses should calculate first that how much space do their applications, data needs and where do they want to access the data. You can sort out some questions to know your storage needs:-

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Which application needs a large amount of storage?

  • Servers of different applications.
  • Age of the data.
  • Find out duplicate files and remove them.
  • Remove unwanted files not related to business.

How quickly you need to get access to those data?

  • And what is the location from where you need to access those data?
  • Once you sort out all the preferences for these points, you will be able to decide about your storage needs.

What are the storage options available?

  • Flash memory thumb drives – These devices are more compatible for mobile professionals as they consume little power, are small enough to handle easily and don’t have moving parts. You can either connect to a laptop’s USB port and work anywhere. Some drives also provide encryption to protect your data in case the drive gets stolen. Some of them also let you store your bookmarks, outlook data, and even some desktop application; so that you can work from a borrowed laptop too.Flash memory thumb drives
  • External hard drives – It is a simple and inexpensive way to add more storage to your computer. But it has many disadvantages too like you’ll have to carry a hard drive with you or copy all the data to a thumb drive or something else when taking it somewhere.External hard drives
  • Online storage – Services providing storage online gives fascinating benefits. You can protect all your data by backing up to a secure remote server and can easily share these files with clients with password-protected access to your data. Also, you can log into your account from anywhere.Buy Online High Storage Server
  • Network-attached storage – Network-attached storage (NAS) provides fast, simple, reliable access to data in an IP networking environment. NAS is appropriate for small and mid-sized businesses needing large amounts of cost-effective storage that numerous users can share over a network. 

Network attached storage

These are some of the benefits of having large storage for your business. Choose properly and bloom your business to a whole new extent. To buy a High Storage Server visit Serverstack.

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