Server Brand Vs Server Performance Are you paying for brand or performance

server is a computer that supplies data to other computers. It may supply data to LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) through the internet. There are different types of servers; namely

  • Web server
  • Mail server
  • File server etc.


Understand The Concept of Server

Each server runs particular 
software that the specific server requires. While the software of a server is specific to the particular server, the hardware is not that important. A desktop can be converted into a server by using the specific software. While different types of computers can have servers it is important that the hardware can support the demands of the server. There is no shortage of branded servers in the market today. 

Though there are many branded servers in the market, most people prefer the servers from ASUSThey offer a variety of rack servers as well as two towers and two high-density graphics processing units. They are also called GPU servers. Overall ASUS is very reliable and compared to other branded ones it is more affordable too.

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    A Small Review Of Server Brand Vs Server Performance

    A Small Review Of Server Brand Vs Server Performance

    While buying the branded server
     a customer is sure that it will perform well too. Because many top brands are well known to each and every buyer of the server so the buyer has more confidence in buying the server from those brands because he is sure that the performance of the branded server will be the best. But if the server is custom made the buyer doesn’t know about the product and he has to take a risk while buying it. So the custom made server may or may not perform well. 

    The answer to Server brand vs Server performance is that the buyer or customer is paying for both the brand and its performance because he is sure that the brand he has decided to buy will surely give the best performance and he is ready to pay a little extra for the product. ASUS is one such brand that can give you excellent performance at an affordable price. In short ASUS brand server gives more performance and better prices as compared with other brands.

    Whenever you decide to buy a server for your home or business always make sure that you buy one from a huge collection of branded servers in the market. Because branded server gives better support, people know about the product better, and companies support them. But if it is custom made from any of the local vendors then you will be taking a huge risk. Because you don’t have any idea about the vendor and his products so to be on the safer side always opt for the branded ones.


    Doing proper market research on each 
    server providing company should be considered before buying the one for yourself. The research will help you understand different aspects of each server and will help you buy the best according to your needs.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What affects server performance?

    The hardware requirements of a server are used to determine its computational efficiency. The CPU, or processor, and RAM, or memory, are the two key hardware components that influence a server’s ability to perform computational functions.

    Q2. What makes a server slow?

    Let’s take a look at the three most common triggers of server slowdowns: CPU, RAM, and disc I/O. CPU use will slow down the host and make it difficult to complete tasks in a timely manner.

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    Server Brand Vs Server Performance: Are You Paying For Brand or Performance
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    Server Brand Vs Server Performance: Are You Paying For Brand or Performance
    A server is a computer that supplies data to other computers. It may supply data to LAN (Local Area Network) or WAN (Wide Area Network) through the internet.
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