If you are looking for best server for your small business you are at the right place. In this article you will be provided with the information about the best and latest servers of 2020 . We have picked the Asus servers which are strong enough to work under intense load. The server which have been chosen in the article provides the best features in extremely minimal price With Incomparable performance.

4 best servers for small business 2020

  • Storage level server
  • Total Slots: 16 (4-channel per CPU, 8 DIMM per CPU).
  • Capacity: Maximum up to 512GB RAM (LRDIMM).
  • Storage: 2 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports.
  • Supports upto 144 TB HDD Storage.
More about Server

The ASUS RS720E7/RS12 is a high performance 2U storage server. Its hot-swappable design provides non-stop high availability, with easy maintenance and servicing.

It consists of 6+1 expansion meaning it has got 6 expansion slots and in addition one dedicated slot for ASUS PIKE SAS RAID upgrade kits.

It also meets the demand of the future expansion. The use of 1+1 redundant 770W 80Plus Gold power supplies offers high power efficiency.

The server consists of the QUAD LAN support which provides high networking bandwidth with load balance and fault tolerance functions. You can also have complete remote server management where user can get full control of the server with out-of -band management and 24/7 real time monitoring.

This server provides maximum 100TB of usable storage. This is for the user who have normal or need to use the server just for day to day basis to avail the features for their Small Business.

Price - ₹ 1,31,000 + GST

2. ASUS RS500 E8 PS4

  • Entry level server
  • Best 1U server in this price range
  • E8 generation server
  • Total Ram Slots: 16
  • Capacity: Maximum up to 1024GB Ram
  • Expansion slots: 2 + 1
  • Storage: 9 x SATA3 6Gb/s ports 
  • Dimension: 615mm x 444mm x 44mm
More About Server

Asus RS500 E8 Ps4 Rack Server is 1U rack server that delivers extreme computing power, high memory and storage capacity, as well as highly flexible expandability. 

The server consists of advanced air-ducting technology which allows it to work at high operating temperature. This server is highly durable with 94% efficiency.

It offers the user easy diagnostic and management. It has easy deployment also premium components for providing premium efficiency.

This server is best for the Business which specifically need 1U rack server. It is very compact and consists of the 4 Hard Drive Slots. Usually this type of servers is bought by the user which has entry level use or minimal use. It is also provided at very affordable price.

PRICE- ₹1,67,000 +GST

3. ASUS ESC4000 G2S

Asus Esc 4000 G2s Rack Server price in india
Asus Esc 4000 G2s Rack Server
  • Server for video streaming
  • Supports upto 8 GPUs of Nvidia
  • Total Ram Slots: 16
  • Capacity: Maximum up to 512GB Ram
  • Storage: 4 x SATA2 3Gb/s ports 
  • Expansion slots: 9
  • Dimension: 750mm x 444mm x 87mm(2U)
  • Graphics: Aspeed AST2300 with 16MB VRAM
More About Server

Asus Esc4000 G2s is the latest supercomputer based on the dual Intel® Xeon® E5-2600 v2 processor platform, featured with streamlined design.

It has high density computing power, scalable expansion capability and an intelligent thermal solution. The server consists of 8+1 flexible expansion slots for high expandability, compatible with versatile expansion cards.

In addition, there is an optional riser for a low profile/half-length card and PIKE solution. It also consists of 1+1 redundant PSU which consists power efficiency upto 94% for energy savings.

This server is recommended for those who has need of high graphic card as you are provided with 8 support. This server will be best used for those who have much use in gaming or live TV. It is also for those who has uses related to channels.

PRICE- ₹2,22,000 +GST

4. ASUS RS920 E7/RS8

Asus Rs920 E7/Rs8 Server Price in India
  • Enterprise level server
  • Supports upto 1024GB RAM
  • Total Ram Slots: 32
  • Capacity: Maximum up to 1024GB Ram (LRDIMM)
  • Capacity:Maximum up to 256GB (UDIMM)
  • Storage: 4 x SATA2 3Gb/s ports 
  • Expansion slots: 9
  • Dimension: 750mm x 444mm x 88mm
More About Server

This sever is equipped with 32 DIMM slots, highly reliable and consists of supercomputing capabilities. You can have outstanding computing with Quad CPUs and dual GPUs.

The server delivers outstanding performance with up to four new Intel® Xeon® E5-4600 processors, which together offer a max 32 computing cores in a 2U system

The server has enhanced reliability, better efficiency, and improved serviceability. It also consists of QUAD LAN teaming ports providing high networking bandwidth with load balance and fault tolerance function, which reduce the data processing bottlenecks in virtualization environments by enhanced virtualized traffic.

This is enquired by the user who need more core. This are very high-end servers especially created for the big running companies which has lot of data and use. It also consists of high RAM storage for smooth working and to handle the intense data load

PRICE- ₹3,80,000 +GST

Our server experts are always ready to guide for choosing the best server for your organization. Just drop your queries in our chat box, and we assure you the best deals on servers. You can check out our handpicked small business server here.

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