Hp iLO vs IKVM, Which Is More Better?

Servers could be the most important component for your operations if you are handling multiple network connections in your business. Their maintenance is also as much important concern to keep its functioning continuing. For this purpose, there are two kinds of processors or software that can be used for remote server management. They are iLO and IKVM.

hp ilo
Hp Ilo
  • iLO is a processor developed by HP technologies which are embedded on HP ProLiant and Blade servers that assists the HP servers for carrying out controlling and monitoring process from a remote location.
  • It performs multiple beneficial tasks to configure, update, monitor, and run servers remotely. It has an iLO management card with own network connection and IP address enabled.
  • The Server administrators could connect via Domain name system or Dynamic Host configuration protocol (DHCP) or through any other separated dedicated management network. This software can be used to administer the server remotely as it provides a remote web-based console.


  • When it comes to IKVM, it is a software developed by Java for mono and Microsoft. NET. IKVM is basically famous for its free service i.e. free software provided along with the server which is distributed under a liberalized free software license.
  • It includes Java virtual machines and a tool that translates Java bytecode to .NET IL. IKVM is certainly a Java framework enabled software which lets the bytecode to get converted to fly to CIL and executed. It comprises an operating system of cross-platform requiring a zLib license to perform.


Coming across both the server management processors, we could conclude that both are capable of performing same server management functionalities. Though iLO can be enabled only into HP servers and comprises extra costs for its usage. Wheres, IKVM can be used on any device using Microsoft or mono as it is developed by Java. The most important distinction between IKVM and iLO is the cost as IKVM does not incur or ask for any extra costs for its usage.

We here at Serverstack, have ASUS servers which uses Java enabled IKVM for remote server management of the servers with no extra costs incurred for IKVM’s usage. 


Last Edited: 30/04/2020

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