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Small businesses Server in India are becoming more and more dependent on a strong digital infrastructure to survive and compete in the country’s quickly digitizing economy. Typically, a dependable server that effectively manages data, applications, and diverse business processes serves as the foundation of this infrastructure.

However, because there are so many options on the market, choosing the best small business server can take time and effort. This blog seeks to educate Indian small business owners on navigating the complicated server hardware market, acknowledging the importance of this choice.

How to Choose A Small Business Server

Choosing the right server involves more than just finding the best deal. It’s about aligning your business needs with the server’s specifications to ensure it can handle your current demands and future growth. These are the important things to think about:

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    1. Determine Your Business Needs

    Assess the applications and services your business will run on the server. This will help you understand the type of server you need, whether it’s for web hosting, database management, or a specialized application.

    2. Scalability

    Opt for a server that can scale as your business grows. This includes the ability to add more storage, memory, and processing power.

    3. Reliability

    Look for servers with a reputation for reliability and uptime. Every minute of downtime can mean lost revenue.

    4. Budget

    Determine your budget not just for the initial purchase but also for the operating costs, including energy consumption and maintenance.

    Choose the right server for small business

    5. Vendor Support

    Ensure that the vendor offers robust support and service level agreements (SLAs) to minimize downtime.

    Things to Be Considered When Buying the Server for Small Business

    When investing in a server for your small business, pay attention to the following factors:

    1. Cost

    Initial investment vs. long-term operating costs.

    2. Support

    3. Uptime

    The server’s reliability and the provider’s SLA guarantees.

    4. Performance

    Ensure the server meets your application and workload requirements.

    5. Security

    Built-in security features and the ability to implement additional security protocols.

    Reliability of small business sever

    Our Top Small Business Server Choices

    When it comes to selecting server hardware, it’s crucial to balance performance, cost, and future scalability. Below is a table highlighting our top picks based on these criteria

    Server Choice

    Price (₹ + GST)



    HDD Bays



    Best Budget Server: ASUS RS500-E8-RS8 V2


    Dual E5 2678 v3

    64 GB

    8 x 3.5″


    Customization Available

    Best Value / Performance: ASUS RS500-E8-PS4


    Single E5 2678 v3

    64 GB

    4 x 3.5″


    Customization Available

    Best Powerhouse Server: ASUS RS520-E8-RS8 V2


    Dual E5 2678 v3

    128 GB

    8 x 3.5″


    Customization Available

    Choosing Server Hardware for Small Businesses

    Selecting the right server hardware is a critical decision that can significantly impact the efficiency and scalability of your business operations. By considering the factors discussed and evaluating our top choices, you can make an informed decision that aligns with your business needs and budget.


    The server you choose will play a pivotal role in the success of your small business. By carefully assessing your needs, considering scalability, and evaluating the cost against the benefits, you can select the best server hardware for your business. Remember, investing in the right server is not an expense but a valuable asset for your business’s future growth.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q1. What should I look for in a small business server?

    Look for reliability, scalability, performance, support, and security features.

    Q2. How much should I expect to spend on a small business server?

    Costs can vary widely based on your specific needs but expect to spend at least ₹1,47,000+GST for a quality server setup.

    Q3. Is it better to buy a server online or in-store?

    Buying servers online can offer a wider selection and often better pricing, but ensure you purchase from a reputable vendor with good support.

    Q4. Can I upgrade my server hardware as my business grows?

    Yes, many servers offer customization and upgrade options. Always consider future scalability when purchasing.

    By making informed choices and leveraging the right server solutions, small businesses in India can establish a solid digital foundation to support their growth and success in the digital age.

    Visit Serverstack for affordable and high-quality server solutions tailored to the unique needs of small businesses.

    How to Buy the Best Server Hardware for Small Businesses in India?
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