Buy storage server at an affordable price in India. We provide ultra-reliable storage servers, Rack servers, high-capacity, and storage flexibility for small businesses with express delivery all over India. Customize your own Storage Server At a Cheap Price.

Serverstack provides all kinds of features
  • Express Delivery All Over India.
  • Fully Customized Options
  • 3 Years Replacement Warranty on Servers*
  • 24x7 Reliable Supports
  • 2u Gpu server


    Customize your server in 5min

    Features Of Storage Servers

    Reliable File Storage

    Our 100TB storage servers comes with highly reliable file storage with best security.

    High Performance

    As performance is a crucial part of the storage server. Our 100TB storage servers comes with best performance benchmark and faster processing.


    Automation for 100TB storage servers manages security vulnerabilities and provisions, configures, patches, and secures physical, virtual.

    Expandable Raid Option

    Our 100TB servers provide you the ability of adding more drives providing additional storage space along with fault tolerance.

    Replacement Warranty

    We ensure replacement services to your damaged products under warranty period to keep your sever preserved. You can extend the warranty if you're buying storage server over 100TB for more safety of your data.


    Our storage security solutions help prevent unauthorized modification or disclosure of data stored across your enterprise, supporting your key data security and compliance initiatives. With multiple raid options to make your 100TB data storage more secured.

    Easy File Transfer

    Our 100TB storage server comes with numerous features to support file sharing and collaboration, enabling distributed co-workers and business partners to work together from one centralized access point. With multi-core processor to transfer your storage data at ultra fast speed.

    Best Server Architecture

    Our 100TB storage server are information-centric architecture. In information-centric architecture, storage devices exist completely independently of servers and are managed centrally and shared between multiple compute systems with redundant power supply to take care of your data.

    How To Choose The Best Storage Server For Businesses.

    Are you looking for an affordable and reliable server for businesses? Serverstack best online store for servers and accessories. The serverstack best offers servers like rack servers, workstations & Storage servers. The Storage Server At the Store Is Available in More bland like ASUS, Intel, and Penguin Server with top-node technology.
    These Storage servers execute various applications- Cloud computing, data centers, CCTV video storage, Media Entertainment, etc. The Storage Server has more scalable data with centralized storage and backup for growing business needs. These servers easily extend storage capacity up to 1000TB and more to encompass increasing data requirements. They run multiple resource tasks, including virtualization, HPC cloud computing, analytics, etc. The storage server offers high performance, manages data, and effectively handles a lot of workloads.

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    When does a business need a storage server ?

    A storage server is used to store a large amount of data files. It is made to handle large amounts of data transfer over a network. When a company starts expanding the need for data storage increases. Since the data stored is confidential and important so they cannot compromise with any cloud storage solutions. Hence when a company starts to grow it should get a server for the smooth functioning of its day-to-day task. Storage servers can expand up to 300TB storage & 512GB RAM to function smoothly in a multi-tasking environment.

    Which is the most cost effective storage Server?

    Serverstack's ASUS RS720-E7-RS12 is the most cost-effective storage server with all the features that make a storage server versatile. Based on the Intel® Socket R E5-2600 processor platform, the ASUS RS720-E7/RS12 server offers customers an extensive feature set: mass storage. high memory capacity, outstanding power efficiency, quad LAN connectivity, comprehensive server management, and flexible RAID. It is an ideal choice for customers who demand high performance and mass storage on one product.

    What are the benefits of purchasing a server for a small business?

    As a storage server will store all your important data in one place. This will help startups or small businesses to function their daily task smoothly without worrying about a breach in their data. They can focus on expanding their business as much as they can because the server provides customization options to its owner to upgrade their storage server if they need to. Storage server is a one time investment for a small business.

    What is the best server setup in a small 11 to 50 employee business?

    Server setup depends on the storage use & not on the number of people working in an organization. You can buy an entry-level ASUS 2U server and later upgrade it according to your need. Our Server experts are ready to guide you to buy right server for your organization.

    How to buy storage server?

    With Serverstack it just takes only 3 steps to buy a storage server online you just need to fill in your requirements here or you can chat with our server experts they are always ready to guide you with the perfect server according to your needs and application. Our server experts can configure the best storage server with the most competitive prices in India.

    Serverstack FAQ

    Why choose us?


    Serverstack provides customized high-performance servers according to your requirements, we provide high storage servers which start from 1TB storage to 100TB & more storage servers at best price in India.


    If anything happens to the storage server using IKVm technology we can remotely resolve all the issues. Serverstack is known for its high-performance storage servers at the most budget friendly price in India with express delivery all over India and an onsite product warranty.


    With a higher capability of storing data & a pure SSD storage facility for the users. We provide multiple raid options you don't need to worry about your high-volume data stored on the server.

    Customized High Storage Solutions: Starts From 1TB to 100TB

    Our storage server enables the users to customize the storage according to their purpose and needs, for multitasking as well as for storage purposes. A fully customizable server helps you to upgrade your server in the future.

    ASUS Hardware

    Our server hardware is made up of 100% ASUS components which gives an advantage in terms of any warranty issues. A redundant power supply to protect your data encase of power failure will safeguard your critical data.

    Enterprise Storage Servers

    We provide enterprise storage servers for a better storage facility. Secure your data with our brand new high-performance fully customized storage server for all your enterprise needs.

    Express Delivery

    Serverstack believes in providing the best buying experience to our client family. Our servers till the most remote areas in India within 36 hours with our expert delivery partners ensuring your storage servers stays safe.

    24x7 Support

    We provide 24x7 technical support to our customers. If the issue is more critical we dispatch any technical person to your location for technical support.

    Fully customized

    Our storage servers are fully customization you can customize everything in your server. Choose up to 512GB RAM & 288TB of storage with a number of processor options to choose from for a multitasking environment at the best price in India.

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