Do your business-critical workloads need high-performance, scalable servers? Are you looking for certified servers above ₹3,00,000? Then look no further than our extensive server line, which caters to organizations of all sizes, from startups to major corporations. These powerful servers come with quality-tested spare parts. Serverstack safely transports any number of servers to your doorstep without causing any damage to the hardware or barebones.

Checkout Enterprise level Latest Generation Servers Above 3 lakhs

Asus RS720 E8 RS24
Asus RS720 E8 RS24

Dual processor

E5-2667 v3

128 GB RAM

24 2.5 inch HDD BAY

2 U

Customization Available

₹ 4,20,000+GST

Dual Processor (26 core x 2)

Intel Platinum 8171m


4 3.5 inch HDD BAY

1 U

Customization Available

ASUS RS500 A E10 PS4
₹ 5,50,000+GST
ASUS RS500 A E10 PS4

Single processor

Amd EPYC 7702p

64 Core


1 U

4 3.5 inch HDD BAY

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Genuine spares for grade “A” servers

Serverstack only sells high-quality servers that have tested strict quality, hardware components, and performance. The Grade 'A' certificate is only given after that. We'll run any specific applications or functionality on your server that you require. All of the parts on our servers are genuine, and we have genuine spares if you need them.

Discounts for bulk orders*

Your requirement could be for a single server, a few servers, or a large number of servers. We always have an ample supply of servers available. All of our servers are from ASUS brands. You will, without a doubt, receive servers from us that meet your business needs. Not only that, but large orders will qualify for discounted rates. Our prices are the most competitive, and we provide special discounts for large orders.

Servers designed for maximum performance

We recognize that uninterrupted company operations, as well as server performance, are critical to your success. They are high-performance servers with strong processors, GPUs, network connectivity, and large memory and storage capabilities. These not only assist you in efficiently handling big workloads, but they also provide the additional performance that your company requires.

Free pre-sale advice

Serverstack understands how vital a robust technical foundation is for your company's success. Our pre-sales experts will effectively advise you on the technical aspects of our servers and provide solutions to your demands based on the system's capability. They will also give you technical help and direction throughout the sales process by identifying your business and technical needs. They will make suggestions for practical implementation plans that will suit your requirements.

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