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Checkout the ASUS Intel, and Penguin Server Hardware with server configuration for all types of business, small and large. The basic rack server hardware price for small and large businesses starts at just ₹80,000/—, depending on the configuration and feet your business requires.

Workstation Server​

SS-E5-CB Workstation

Server Hardware For All Types Of IT infrastructure

1U Server Hardware Price

Affordable Servers For All Business Type

ASUS RS500-E9-RS4 Rack server

ASUS RS500A-E11-RS4U Rack server

INTEL M20NTP1UR304 Intel server

1 Penguin Server hardware Price List

The best option to choose as they provide a perfect balance between computing power, space utilization, ease of development , capacity calling, and power consumption.

Relion XE1112 Penguin server

Relion 1900 Penguin server

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Our server hardware experts are ready to help you choose the right server hardware for your organization. Just fill in the following details, and we'll get in touch in 5 minutes.

Serverstack is known for its quality server hardware, proving to be an optimum option for you to buy server hardware online. We provide the most reliable and convenient way to buy rack server hardware at the lowest prices, making it completely hassle-free and concentrating on your core of the action. We are official partners of ASUS And provide you with the latest rack & storage server hardware of ASUS at affordable costs.

Our rack server hardware supports an application; you can use any type of business anytime. We at Serverstack have created multiple initiatives to make buying rack server hardware easier and more valuable.

Server hardware price is the main factor when making a server. With our wide range of lowest price and storage server hardware price lists, We make sure our customers can afford the best server hardware Solution for their company from all over India to buy the right server hardware at an affordable price without overpaying for brand value.

The price list here displays the rack server hardware and customized rack server, storage server, and GPU server with the following configuration. You can compare the server hardware price with the different variants according to your budget.

Our focus is on server hardware quality, which should match the rack server performance. Hence, we aim to deliver the best quality rack server hardware at an affordable price in India. Don't get refurbished hardware if you are getting branded server hardware at the same affordable price from our server hardware price list.

To make your rack server hardware buying experience more accessible, visit our Contact Us page, fill out the details, and buy server hardware within your budget, such as a RAM processor.

All the server and workstation hardware on this page is discounted. Serverstack is the No.1 Server hardware supplier Company in India. They check different prices with their specifications and buy the proper server hardware within 3 easy steps.

After choosing the RAM, the processor will contact our server hardware experts to discuss your requirements and help you. Further, we aim to get the best quality rack server hardware at the best price in India.

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Wide Range Of Servers Hardware Price List

Check out the best server hardware at the best prices. We offer various services to suit your needs and budget, whether setting up a small business network or expanding your data center.

Exceptional Performance

Serverstack hardware is engineered to deliver exceptional performance, ensuring that your applications and services run smoothly and efficiently. Whether you're running intensive workloads or handling high traffic volumes, Serverstack hardware can handle the demands with ease, providing reliable performance under any circumstances.

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Serverstack aims to provide branded high-quality server hardware at the lowest cost in India as compared to other branded hardware, which are priced according to their configuration. We give the best offers on rack server hardware.

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Serverstack provides a top-tier replacement warranty for all server hardware products still under warranty. You get fast replacements at no extra cost.

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Serverstack provides the best support & warranty for server hardware. We connect with our hotline number for issues regarding your server hardware.

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