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India Ban on Server Imports

Alert: Guidelines on India’s Ban on Server Imports

As Government is trying to promote “MAKE IN INDIA”. Due to this government have ban import on all servers. Almost all the servers are imported in India. Which can lead to further shorted of supply of servers. We recommend our clients to book your servers in advance.

Rack server
₹ 5,10,000+GST
₹ 5,45,000+GST


64 Core Single Processor


2.5" & 3.5" DRIVE BAY

1 U

Customization Available

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Redundant Power Supply

We provide you servers containing two or more power supply units powering the whole functions of your server effectively.

24/7 Support

Our experienced technical support team are available 24/7 whenever any glitches arise.

Hot Swap

Our services promote non-disturbance to the functioning of your servers while changing or adding any component to your server.

Replacement Warranty

We ensure replacement services to your damaged products under the warranty period to keep your sever preserved.

Expandable Raid Options

Our servers provide you the ability to add more drives providing additional storage space along with fault tolerance.

Affordable Cost

We provide you with best-in-class servers at an efficient cost with multiple benefits.

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Benefits of Buying Server online

Online Transactions

Advanced technologies and the modernized behavior of consumers have developed a need for expansion and flexibility of businesses to comply with the growing needs of consumers. Therefore, online transactions have been the most important and widely used component of this modernization as whatever was done earlier physically can be technologically done online. Various e-commerce businesses, e-ticketing services, and many others have introduced a new function of online buying.


As and when dealing with servers, we realized that people and various entrepreneurs or businesses are located widely in huge geographical reach where reaching is sometimes inappropriate. Here, buying servers online plays a major role as when the servers are sold online, all the people using the internet could access and purchase servers from the online processing.

Buying Server Online Transactions

This has brought a big boon to the customers as it has brought up a very easy and convenient source for the customers to buy servers online from anywhere and at any time by just sitting on their couch and buying the required product.

Buying Server Online Availability
Convenient Source

Seeing this, Serverstack has understood the need of people based in diverse locations regarding the servers. We have formulated the easiest, most effective, and most efficient services for selling servers online.


Easy To Make Decision

Online server sellers list their prices and their respective features on their selling websites through which you can compare with other’s websites and decide to buy a server online.

Access From Anywhere

You can actually connect from remote areas and other long distanced locations with just one internet connection. Buying servers online allows you to have access to various server selling websites.

Support Services

Purchasing servers online gives you the assurance by the providers with a minimum glitch guarantee and 24/7 support to help you with any issues you face.

Online Chat

When buying a server online from a specific seller, you can chat online with the associate regarding your need and can get your queries resolved in a few minutes.


Buying servers online also lets you know about the company and its offers which can be utilized to get servers at cheaper prices.


You can buy sever online without going anywhere but just through your internet connection. Adding on to this we also do not cost any shipping charges for any online sale.

Frequently Asked Question

Serverstack FAQ
What does the government's recent ban on server imports mean for your products?
The Indian government's recent ban on server imports directly impacts our current supply chain. As a result, we anticipate a shortage of our imported servers soon until alternative measures are implemented.
Why should I consider booking a server now?
Given the impending shortage, booking a server now ensures that you secure the required server specifications for your needs. Delays in booking could result in prolonged wait times or potential compromises on server specifications in the future.
How are service and maintenance impacted by the import ban?
While the import ban affects the supply of new servers, our service and maintenance operations continue as usual. Our domestic service teams are well-equipped to address any issues or requirements you might have.
Will the import ban impact the warranty or support services for servers I've already purchased?
No, the import ban will not affect the warranty or support services for servers already purchased. We remain committed to honoring our warranty terms and providing uninterrupted support services to our existing clients.
Serverstack FAQ