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Rack server
₹ 5,10,000+GST
₹ 5,45,000+GST


64 Core Single Processor


2.5" & 3.5" DRIVE BAY

1 U

Customization Available

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Our Features

Redundant Power Supply

We provide you servers containing two or more power supply units powering the whole functions of your server effectively.

24/7 Support

Our experienced technical support team are available 24/7 whenever any glitches arise.

Hot Swap

Our services promote non-disturbance to the functioning of your servers while changing or adding any component to your server.

Replacement Warranty

We ensure replacement services to your damaged products under the warranty period to keep your sever preserved.

Expandable Raid Options

Our servers provide you the ability to add more drives providing additional storage space along with fault tolerance.

Affordable Cost

We provide you with best-in-class servers at an efficient cost with multiple benefits.

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Our Reviews

Kiran Nair
Kiran Nair
Purchased Asus server from Faizan tai Good service Thanks
I have been associated with Serverstack since 5 years now , they are my go to person for any server requirement. We have got intel servers and AMD servers also. Whenever we faced problems it was resolved same day. Delivery for the servers were done within 2-3 days no matter what was the config. I am very happy with Serverstack team .
vishal dharmadhikari
vishal dharmadhikari
Writing this review after using the Workstation for 2 Years .I Purchased a Customized workstation from Serverstack in March 2020, The performance of the workstation is still the same even after using the workstation daily for 10 Hours! Workstation runs smooth, The speed of SSD is much better.
Sanjay Gurav
Sanjay Gurav
Assured and Reliable services for servers of all varied configurations. Good after sales support.
Very good service
Rajendra Dhumale
Rajendra Dhumale
Excellent service, quick response with great price. Reliable company to outsource Servers and IT products. Recently we gave them contract for our IT Solutions along with Server requirement.
Akshay Saini
Akshay Saini
Best Hardware Provider For Datacenter Solution. I definitely recommend Serverstack for Bare Metal servers. Thank you.
pavan more
pavan more
I had very good experience of purchasing Asus server with Serverstack . Delivery within 24 hours, Safe . Good packaging . Serverstack team is knowledgeable and advises good on technical requirements. Must recommend their services.
Mithun kushwaha
Mithun kushwaha
We have been associated with them for few years and They are authentic Partners servers and server accessories.


Benefits of Buying Server online

Online Transactions

Advanced technologies and the modernized behavior of consumers have developed a need for expansion and flexibility of businesses to comply with the growing needs of consumers. Therefore, online transactions have been the most important and widely used component of this modernization as whatever was done earlier physically can be technologically done online. Various e-commerce businesses, e-ticketing services, and many others have introduced a new function of online buying.


As and when dealing with servers, we realized that people and various entrepreneurs or businesses are located widely in huge geographical reach where reaching is sometimes inappropriate. Here, buying servers online plays a major role as when the servers are sold online, all the people using the internet could access and purchase servers from the online processing.

Buying Server Online Transactions

This has brought a big boon to the customers as it has brought up a very easy and convenient source for the customers to buy servers online from anywhere and at any time by just sitting on their couch and buying the required product.

Buying Server Online Availability
Convenient Source

Seeing this, Serverstack has understood the need of people based in diverse locations regarding the servers. We have formulated the easiest, most effective, and most efficient services for selling servers online.


Easy To Make Decision

Online server sellers list their prices and their respective features on their selling websites through which you can compare with other’s websites and decide to buy a server online.

Access From Anywhere

You can actually connect from remote areas and other long distanced locations with just one internet connection. Buying servers online allows you to have access to various server selling websites.

Support Services

Buy servers online gives you the assurance by the providers with a minimum glitch guarantee and 24/7 support to help you with any issues you face.

Online Chat

When buying a server online from a specific seller, you can chat online with the associate regarding your need and can get your queries resolved in a few minutes.


Buying servers online also lets you know about the company and its offers which can be utilized to get servers at cheaper prices.


You can buy sever online without going anywhere but just through your internet connection. Adding on to this we also do not cost any shipping charges for any online sale.

Frequently Asked Question

Serverstack FAQ
When does a business need to buy a server?

A server isn't just a device; it's the backbone for storing voluminous data files and ensuring seamless data transfers across networks. As companies burgeon, their data storage requirements skyrocket. Relying solely on cloud storage isn't always the solution, especially when the stakes involve sensitive and crucial data. Thus, as growth beckons, it's pivotal for companies to buy server systems tailored for their expanding needs. Our servers stand out, offering up to 300TB of storage and 512GB RAM, ensuring impeccable performance in high-demand, multi-tasking scenarios.

Which is the most cost-effective server?

Buy a server that offers unparalleled cost-effectiveness and efficiency, the ASUS RS500-E8-PS4 is your top choice. Designed to future-proof your data center, this 1U rack server stands out with its robust computing power, generous memory, and expansive storage capabilities. With its emphasis on flexible expandability, the RS500-E8-PS4 adapts to your growing needs. Crafted using only the finest components, it promises unmatched reliability and superior efficiency, positioning it as the go-to server for both data center deployments and applications in small to medium-sized businesses. Dive in further to discover why this might be the best server purchase for your requirements.

What are the benefits of buying a server for a small business?

When you buy a server, you're centralizing all your critical data, streamlining operations for startups and small businesses. This pivotal decision ensures a seamless daily workflow, freeing companies from data breach concerns. With a keen focus on business growth, servers offer customization options, allowing owners to upgrade storage as needed. Opting to buy a server is more than just a purchase; it's a smart, one-time investment that elevates a small business's operational capacity. Indeed, choosing to buy a server for your organization might be the best business decision you'll ever make.

What is the best server setup in a small 11 to 50 employee business?

Choosing the best server isn't determined by the number of employees but by your storage requirements. When you're looking to buy a server, starting with an entry-level ASUS 2U server can be a wise choice, allowing for future upgrades as your needs evolve. Our team of server experts is on standby, ready to assist you in making the best decision when you decide to buy a server for your organization.

Serverstack FAQ