What is an Enterprise server?

An Enterprise level server is a server that stores programs that serve the needs of an enterprise rather than just one user or department.

Enterprise servers have been operated on mainframe-sized computers (although they were not referred to as servers until recently). Enterprise servers are computers that have become smaller, faster, and capable of managing the same enterprise-scale software assets.


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Features of an Enterprise server

Hibernation and Sensible Data Merge

This decreases desktop and network traffic by around 75% compared with conventional data delivery methods.


Managed network, private circuit, or Internet connectivity between redundant data centres and main and remote sites are supported.

Flexible Topology

Facilitates streaming data connections using UDP broadcast, TCP/IP and IP multicast technologies. This reduces bandwidth usage and assures network policy compliance.

IT Productivity

This allows organizations to make the most of limited IT resources.


Improves control and manageability of devices.

Enhanced Security Features

Data integrity and confidentiality are ensured through better security.

Fault Tolerance

Maximum reliability is achieved by enhanced fault tolerance.


Results in increased user productivity.

Who uses Serverstack Enterprise server?

Enterprises and the Information Technology & Services business are the most common Serverstack Enterprise Server users.

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