Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Virtual desktop infrastructure is the desktop infrastructure which you can use virtually through a centralized server. This server helps you to connect multiple systems at one time with the help of virtual technology.

Virtual desktop Infrastructure acts as the main server through which you can control all your systems without controlling them independently and incurring huge costs and time. It uses the technology of RDP (Remote desktop Protocol) to connect all the desktops remotely with the use of thin client or a or another RDP client.

There Are Two Types of VDI

Persistent VDI provides each use with their uniform desktop functions which can be customized and saved for future use, mostly like a traditional physical desktop. Your undone use of applications and use you had before in your desktop can be continued as it was after you log in again.

Non-Persistent VDI provides you a pool of uniform desktops which gives a fresh start to the users who kept their undone work before. They revert to their fresh original state every time after the user logs out.

Advantages of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

as the desktops won’t have the data in real i.e. the data is stored and managed with the centralized server which only can be used on other desktops but cannot be scraped out.

as you won’t have to struggle and go to each and every desktop to perform that individually. Once you perform updates and installs on your centralized servers, all your connected desktops will contain that automatically.

If your Infrastructure is managed locally you can easily access any files and no need for extra Os activation charges.

It increases lifespan and opportunities for obsolete PCs by making to be used for VDIs.

You can perform multiple functions remotely through one single server, like adding a software, installing an application and so on.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure gives you the perfect option to manage all your user desktops spread in multiple locations and in huge numbers to manage from one single location i.e. of centralized server’s. You get ultimate efficiency and convenience for all your users with ultimate speed.

This virtual function is turning out to be a new face for user desktop management and is proving to be the best function till now. Use Virtual desktop Infrastructure to operate your functions remotely and conveniently.