Storage Servers Are Those Servers Which Excel in Storing Data With Proper Management Of Data, Files, And Other Storage Services Along With Ensuring Utmost Security Of Your Valuable Data.

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Pricing List For 8 HDD BAY

12 slots of hard disk that supports upto 96 TB of storage & upto 192 Gb Ram expansion available.

Pricing List For 12 HDD BAY

12 slots of hard disk that supports upto 144 TB of storage & upto 256 Gb Ram expansion available.

Pricing List For 24 HDD BAY

24 slots that supports SSD for faster Data Transactions & upto 256 Gb Ram expansion available.


⦁ Efficient Backups – Storage Servers helps you in providing a copy of data actively in use or is intended to be used. It helps to function and provide the important data even when your main storage system fails.

⦁ Centralised Storage – Storage servers provide a productive medium to store, share and access data as a centralised storage system.

⦁ Data consistency and continuity – Storage Servers provides you access from an another backup point, in case if you face any system failure to reduce downtime and achive data continuity. This function of Storage servers acts as a disaster recovery.

⦁ Archiving – Storage servers offers you the archival storage which stores data that is not actively in use but can be useful to you for your functionings in future.

How can HDD BAYS impact on storage services

HDD bays refers to the Hard Disk Drives which uses magnetism to store data on a rotating platter. A head floats above the spinning platter as read/write for reading and writing data. As faster this spinning platter spins, the fatser is the performance of HDD bays. Server-based platters can probably spin upto 15,000 RPM. HDD is effective in providing storing of data at cheaper costs.

We here at Serverstack provide you HDD bays in a wide range from 4 – 24 HDD bays that could do a real good in your storage facilities. Our storage servers are developed with latest storage efficient softwares and are dedicated to provide a productive storage system for your functionings. We also make use of NAS enabled technologies in our storage servers which could allow you to connect large amounts of storage directly to a router.